Insight Category: Business Threat Intelligence

Thousands of companies continue to have issues with individuals downloading known vulnerable software and companies need to figure out better ways to protect themselves and their customers.

In the wake of the Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor data breach, it’s a reminder for firms to be vigilant in protecting user and payment data and the repercussions of not investing in security.

The roundtable exercise at the 2018 MAPI conference challenged senior risk managers with the tasks of finding, isolating, and remediating the security incident affecting production operations.

Organizations must be prepared, responsible, strategic and proactive when it comes to protecting themselves and their networks. From the new reality where the technical barriers to entry continue to lower for new attackers while the toolsets at their disposal quickly proliferate and strengthen.

In a recent article in SupplyChainDive, Liberty Partner Tom Derhake weighs in on how supply chain executives should be thinking about keeping their digital assets safe.

Equifax, one of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies, disclosed on 7 Sep 2017 that hackers had successfully obtained unauthorized access to sensitive privacy and financial information of upwards of 143 million American consumers.

Read our perspective on the growing dark web threat from Liberty’s own Armond Caglar in CSO Online.

How transparent is your cyber risk landscape? Liberty has compiled a simple health check enabling executives to self-evaluate their exposure.

May 17, 2017 – Another day, another devastating cyber incident with global reach that is leaving companies and organizations around the world reeling.  Isn’t that how the expression goes?  If not, it sure does feel like it.

CHICAGO, January 16, 2017 –  Liberty Advisor Group, a top-tier business and technology consultancy and a 2016 fastest growing firm, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of G²S Global, an Indianapolis-based security advisory specializing in business threat intelligence and cyber monitoring solutions.