Insight Category: Business Threat Intelligence

A wily type of malware that has been around for 30 years, ransomware seems like it would have been obsolete by now.  But the rise of cryptocurrency has helped ransomware gain ground as identifying the receiver of payments becomes harder.

To build cybersecurity, attention must be focused on persistent, predictive, real-time analysis of the entirety of discoverable technologies. Data should be compiled from dozens of sources, and partnerships forged with specialized groups, including local, state and federal agencies.

Vulnerability to cyber threats is starting to be a key element in due diligence process – as Yahoo found when two massive cyber breaches led Verizon to reduce its purchase price for the Internet company by $350 million.

The travel industry has been an attractive investment area for Private Equity, showing around 5% growth every year. PE firms should take an extra look at any of their portfolio companies in the travel, hospitality, loyalty space and take the necessary steps to ensure customer data is protected.  Applying a strategic approach to security will empower companies to identify and prioritize their sensitive assets so they can proactively safeguard them.

With cold winds blowing in and heavy snow on the horizon, Cyber winter is coming. It is more important than ever for companies to have basic cyber precautions in place.

Recent chatter in dark web forums is trending to attackers developing and testing new schemes to gain access to systems using vulnerability chaining.

GDPR will evolve as an opportunity to reshape the personal data landscape and businesses will necessarily adapt.  While much focus has been on enforcement mechanisms and potential fines, the fact is businesses around the world have invested significant resources moving their organizations towards compliance – but the effectiveness of those investments remains to be seen.

Global Business leaders need to accept the reality that today’s intellectual property is always at risk. Taking a long-term view of their cyber security and supply chains will enable them to secure their most valuable assets – intellectual property.

Supermicro is the latest hack to affect the business world. Liberty’s Triton Cyber team has developed some key thoughts to get you up to speed on what is happening and if you could potentially be impacted.

Corporations need to expand their cybersecurity footprint from employees that are on-premise using corporate equipment and must prepare against the newest trend in advanced threats: citizens as cyber weapons.