Mergers & Acquisitions

Hundreds of experts have conducted countless studies about the long-term success of mergers and acquisitions and most have led to a resoundingly similar conclusion:  most mergers and acquisitions fail.  So, what’s the secret to success?   Working with a firm that has the expertise and experience to successfully realize planned synergies when assessing and integrating acquisitions.

Having assisted clients across a number of industries managing mergers, acquisitions and carve-outs, Liberty has conducted over 100 due diligence reviews and can boast a 100% success rate in merger integration.

  • Due Diligence:  Our participation on due diligence efforts reduces risk associated with the technology and operations of a target acquisition, and eliminates unwanted surprises after the fact.  In particular, we focus on assessing the infrastructure, platforms, applications, back office, integration, capabilities, personnel, strategy, budgets, business alignment and overall IT capability of a prospective firm.
  • M&A Integration:  A clearly-understood prioritization framework for conducting planning and execution will focus the limited integration resources on the activities that are most critical for a successful integration. We utilize proven tools and processes to manage the ongoing integration activities (IT, HR, Legal, Operations, processes, culture etc.) to support integrated operations, systems, and processes throughout the full integration duration.