Business Threat Intelligence

We get it.  It’s overwhelming.  With endless news cycles discussing the latest state-sponsored cyberattack or inadvertent data breach as the result of phishing, a careless insider, or a simple misconfiguration, it is easy to get that feeling that it’s just a matter of time.  

It probably doesn’t help that each day also brings with it yet another vendor trying to get in front of the next cyber wave with claims to the latest technology designed to protect you from the very kind of wholesale data and reputation loss that have plagued others. 

The truth is, no such cure-all exists.  But proactive firms armed with the right information at the right time can still fare far greater than those relying strictly on legacy defenses and reactive approaches.  This is why Liberty is proud to offer Business Threat Intelligence – a way for clients to recognize current and future threats to their value creation and strategic business objectives to reduce their threat profiles.

  • Business Threat Intelligence Services: There is a difference between indicators of compromise and indicators of inundation.  We ignore those irrelevant tactical feeds that can frustrate businesses with alert fatigue and instead focus only on the most relevant threats customized for your company, industry, location, and supply chain.
  • Threat Intelligence Monitoring:  Our service is a complement to existing enterprise efforts at malware detection and vulnerability management.  We provide automated monitoring and expert analysis of hundreds of integrated information sources, including dark web sites and forums, non-indexed deep web content and metadata, and other proprietary and open source databases designed to give you early warning to only the most credible of business threats
  • Competitive Intelligence:  In complex domestic and international markets, the value of verified and corroborated information can be worth its weight in gold.  In order to navigate difficult strategic challenges, Liberty offers clients specialized competitive intelligence services required to maximize business opportunities and support desired outcomes.