Advanced Analytics

There isn’t a bigger buzzword these days than Big Data.  And, for most companies, that’s all it is:  a bunch of noise.  At Liberty, we cut through the noise to identify the critical data that is actionable and will provide measurable impact to our client’s bottom line. Our ProfitBOX™ technology combined with our proven processes allows clients to leverage their own valuable information to reduce costs, improve profitability and increase operating income.  In fact, at one manufacturing client, we were able to double their $10 Million EBIT to $20 Million in just 2 years.

Opportunities to impact the bottom line include:

  • Price Margin Analytics:  Identify inconsistencies in pricing which quickly allow for increased margins and profit improvement.  Also known as Yield Management.
  • Pricing Improvement:  Identify optimal list pricing for all products, customers and markets to maximize profits.
  • Direct Spend Analytics:  Identify optimal costs for raw materials, subcontracted manufacturing, components, etc. by assessing alternative vendors, global sourcing, and negotiating volume purchase discounts.
  • Indirect Spend Analytics:  Analyze indirect spend across the enterprise (voice/network, leases, travel, insurance, legal & professional services, etc.), re-negotiate contracts, and/or implement internal policies to significantly reduce costs.
  • Lost Business Analytics:  Analyze purchasing behavior to proactively prevent customer churn, increasing customer retention and strengthening relationships.
  • Sales Effectiveness:  Analyze sales and customer data to prevent discount slippage, increase share of wallet, and expand product mix to increase sales.