At Liberty, we do a few things, and we do them really well.  We focus on areas that optimize operating results and value creation.  Fundamentally, our projects create significantly more value than the cost to deliver, with a target of a 10x return on fees.

We have a long track record of delivering superior operating results that translate into increased earnings and cash flow. Our team has decades of experience developing and implementing strategic and tactical plans in the following areas:

Advanced Analytics: Uncover hidden value by leveraging your data and our expertise and analytics tools to reduce costs, increase profits and improve operating income.

Mergers & Acquisitions:  Utilize our expertise to successfully realize planned synergies when assessing and integrating mergers and acquisitions. 

Business Threat Intelligence:  Better defend your enterprise value and guarantee desired outcomes through customized threat intelligence that provides early warning of credible threats against your business before they cause harm.

Business Transformation:  Change the way the business operates to increase shareholder value, respond to market conditions and/or mitigate risk.

Program Management:   Achieve intended business results through the design and delivery of complex work streams.

Information Technology:  Maximize benefit from IT assets through strategy and execution focused on the technology, software, infrastructure and people.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):  Realize short term and long term ERP objectives with insight and guidance, whether implementing an ERP solution or struggling with a current implementation.