About Us

Liberty was founded by a group of top-tier business and technology consultants who believe that there is a better way to deliver high-impact work.  Working across functional and organizational boundaries to deliver solutions that create value, our goal is to lead clients to make informed business decisions and effectively execute them.

We partner with a wide variety of clients – from Fortune 500 companies to private equity firms to startups –improving the growth and profitability of businesses.  And, from day one, clients have hired us to provide a pragmatic approach to solving the most complex business issues.  In fact, over the years, Liberty has helped clients realize over $1 Billion in increased operating income.

Fundamentally, we aim to provide tangible value for our clients, as well as a different kind of experience.  An experience firmly rooted in frank discussion and objective advice.  By employing top-level talent, we shun a cookie-cutter approach, relying instead on creativity and battle-tested experience to guide projects to their successful completion in the following areas: